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T4000 V2 MK1 EU - Eccentric Polishing Machine 230V


The Liquid Elements T4000 V2 Eccentric Polisher is designed for anyone with a 15mm eccentric HUB, the standard 125mm backing pad and 950W power. Due to the high engine power, the free-rotating rotation of the support plate does not stop even with slight tilting on round surfaces.

Whether you are a beginner in vehicle preparation or a professional conditioner, this machine is for every user.

With the modern design of the eccentric polishing machine, a particularly pleasant feel, as well as a robust and smooth-running electronics, the T4000 V2 stands out. The two LEDs on the top of the polishing machine indicate the correct pressure range during the polishing process. If the green LED bulb is lit, the pressure is sufficient, the red LED bulb lights up, the pressure on the surface must be reduced.

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