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SOFT99 Ultra Glaco Water Repellent


SOFT99 Ultra Glaco Water Repellent

Soft99 Ultra Glaco lasts 6 times longer than conventional products. The Ultra Glaco contains special state-of-art fluorine formula, to provide a very strong coating to resists friction by wipers, dust, carwash solution or cleaners for up to 1 year. Glaco series from Soft99 is the No.1 best selling rain repellent in Japan!

How to use Soft99 Ultra Glaco Hydrophobic Coating


Thoroughly clean the windshield before use.
Evenly apply the product onto the windshield.
Let the product dry for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off with a cloth.
Now let the windshield rest for 12 hours, do not drive your car.
Note: *Do not use on the wet windshield! This might damage the windshield.

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