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MENZERNA 400 Heavy Cut Compound


Removal of scratches and a glossy finish in one product.
Heavy cutting, a polishing compound designed to remove the most difficult paint defects. Thanks to the technology of the abrasive that breaks down during operation, it performs three tasks: it eliminates deep scratches, polishes the surface, and finishes it to a high gloss. Menzerna HCC 400 is an innovative solution which, compared to traditional products, allows to reduce work time twice. Most professionals consider it the best polishing paste available on the market. The product is very efficient and easy to use.
High abrasion power – removes 1500 grit grinding.
One-Step Polish – correction of paint and deep shine in one step. It allows you to perform polishing work twice as fast as traditional polishes. Universal product – suitable for all types of paints, does not dust, and does not contain silicone.

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