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Liquid Elements T2000 Orbit Dual Action Polisher


The T2000 V4 from Liquid Elements is the latest generation of polishers, which gets the highest marks in the price/performance comparison.
The T2000 is suitable for both beginners and lighting enthusiasts and is professionally manufactured for the automotive sector under strict controls.
Whether you are an absolute novice in automotive detailing or a professional retailer, this machine is easy to use with a grip.

With its ergonomic design, particularly pleasant touch and robust and fluid electronics, this machine stands out in particular.
The electronics are designed for constant torque and speeds.

The double reduction gear provides much more torque than single gear machines.


-710 watts of power
-eccentric stroke of 8 mm -speed
constant with remote electronics -length of
cable: 8 meters -control of
6-level speed

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