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Liquid Elements Silverback Drying Cloth 1200 GSM


Liquid Elements Silverback Drying Cloth.

Silverback Drying Cloth, 1200GSM, 80X50CM

Liquid Elements Silverback XL Microfiber Towel
The Silverback has been one of the best-selling microfiber towels from the Liquid Elements brand for years. With a size of 50 x 80 cm and a weight of 1200 GSM, up to 2-3 vehicles (Golf class) can be dried off without having to wring it out. The soft fibers guarantee an absolutely gentle drying and were specially developed for an enormous water absorption. It guarantees streak-free and fast vehicle drying. The soft microfiber edge additionally protects the outer surfaces from scratches and ensures a stable hold. The Silverback towel is available in two sizes, one in the size 40x40cm and the other in the XL variant in the size 50x80cm.
Plush Chenille Fibers (very gentle)
Soft Microfiber Edge
Enormous Water Absorption
Weight: 1200GSM
Extra Absorbent
Streak- and lint-free vehicle drying
High load capacity and long life
Size: 50x80cm

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