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Liquid Elements - Felt Glass Polishing Pads


The Liquid Elements felt pads for glass surfaces have been specially developed for polishing all types of glass surfaces.

The felt structure consists of high-quality sheepswool fibers, which are processed into an extra dense material, giving the felt a very strong and solid surface. This makes the felt pads more durable and creates a high abrasiveness on glass surfaces.
Glass and window surfaces as well as mirrors can be worked up with the felt pads so that a perfectly clear view is possible.

Both light scratches and burnt-in dirt can be removed with felt pads in combination with a heavy cut polish or a specific glass polish like.
Both eccentric and rotary polishing machines are recommended for the use of felt pads.

Material and size

100% sheepwool
Diameter: 75 mm and 125mm
Thickness: 5mm

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