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Liquid Elements A1000 V4 - Mini Battery Polisher


The Liquid Elements A1000 V4 offers incredible versatility and will be able to achieve the perfect finish even in hard to reach areas including piano black pillars, alloy wheels, bumper areas, wheel arches, A-pillars and around badges etc.

The A1000 V4 has a power increase of up to 25% compared V3 and benefits from an improved ergonomic design that makes sure this battery powered mini cordless polishing machines sits right in your hands.
The improved motor is quieter than ever and delivers constant torque which the built in torque monitor.
The A1000 V4 is supplied with 2 Li-ion batteries to ensure the polisher is always ready to go. The new and upgraded battery design allows the A1000 a longer runtime of up to 45 minutes. A status light on the body itself indicates the current state of charge.
Each kit comes with 2 attachments offering either 3mm or 8mm orbital movement.

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