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Kwazar Orion Super Alka Line 6L Sprayer


Kwazar Orion Super Alka Line 6.0L

Sprayer with high chemical resistance designed for application of alkaline mixtures used in industry, food processing, workshops etc. Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, cleaning sanitary and hospital spaces, cleaning floors and walls in commercial buildings, warehouses, production spaces, cleaning steel and aluminum elements on boats and aeroplanes, degreasing tools and engines, oil, grease, lubricant, soot removing. Construction of sprayer with the use of EPDM seals makes them durable and long lasting.
Fiberglass lance – length of 50cm
Convenient funnel – comfortable pouring of liquids
Safety valve – pressure control
Liquid level strip – easy dosing and control of the liquid level
Comfortable carrying strap – comfort of use during prolonged work
Stabilizing ring – stabilization and protection of the tank against damage

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