Glue and Sticker Removal Disc


Glue and Sticker Removal Disc makes it easier to remove glue and sticker residue not only on cars but also on vans and other machinery.

This disc does not come with an adapter for your power drill but can be used as a replacement discs

This sticker removal tool is designed for quick and easy removal of foils, e.g. advertising foils attached to various parts of vehicles. The sticker remover is also very useful for removing stickers and toll stickers from your windshield. It is an excellent alternative to chemical solvents and even mechanical scrapers.

Versatile use - the eraser is used to remove stickers from private, leased, company and rented vehicles. In addition, they can be used on boats, yachts, models and shop windows.

What's included

1x Toffee Wheel Adhesive Removal Disc

Size: 90mm in diameter, 15mm thick

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