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FX PROTECT Graphene Coating G-Finity


FX Protect Graphene Coating

Best Graphene Coating with an advanced carbon-ceramic formula.

Have you ever wondered what would be created from the combination of a ceramic coating and the strongest, thinnest and most flexible material ever studied by mankind – graphene? This product offers – an extremely superhydrophobic, with absolutely unique properties.

The product creates a thick, elastomeric coating containing innovative molecules with self-healing properties. This means that minor scratches are sealed under the influence of high temperature, and their trace disappears. And all this in just one layer!

G-FINITY™ BEST GRAPHENE COATING also increases slipperiness, increases the depth of colour and protects the paint from UV radiation. Whether you are a detailing enthusiast or a professional detailer, we know one thing… you will be delighted with the possibilities of teh product.

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