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FX PROTECT Graphene Booster Reload


FX Protect Graphene Booster Reload

Graphene Booser is a protective coating based on advanced polymers enriched with graphene.

The unique properties of graphene made us decide to use this revolutionary ingredient in our activities and create a groundbreaking series of G-FINITY products on its basis.

One of the products in this series is RELO-G™ GRAPHENE BOOSTER, a protective coating that can be used over previously applied protective coatings or as standalone protection. Thanks to the graphene content, RELO-G™ GRAPHENE BOOSTER is super-hydrophobic, bringing out the paint’s depth and increasing slipperiness.

The coating perfectly protects your car’s paint during everyday use against UV radiation or the destructive effects of weather conditions. An easy and quick application will provide you with up to 6 months of protection. Sounds fantastic, right?

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