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CLEANTLE Deiron Man Fallout Remover


Cleantle Deiron Man – iron remover

Deiron Man – Iron Remover is a product that cleans rims and paints from metallic particles deposited on them as well as volatile rust and dust from brake pads. Thanks to its high cleaning power, it removes even stubborn dirt and is safe to use thanks to its neutral pH. Deiron Man turns red when reacting with impurities.

Product features:

safe to use
long working time
simple to use
strong cleaning properties
simple rinsing
product formula without corrosive ingredients

How to use Iron Remover?

use a bottle with an atomizer to apply the product evenly on the surface to be cleaned
wait a few minutes for the product to react with the contaminants
work the product on the surface, you can use a brush or a wash mitt
at the end, rinse thoroughly with water
remember, do not work in the sun or on hot surfaces
do not let the product dry on the surface

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