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CLEANTLE Daily Shampoo Fruit Scent


Cleantle Daily Shampoo Fruits Scent

Daily Shampoo by Cleantle is a highly concentrated, pH-neutral car wash shampoo. The Shampoo is distinguished by efficiency and effectiveness, it absolutely removes dirt from the surface of your car and does not leave stains at the same time! Although it does not contain waxes or polymers, it provides good glide and stable foam. Biodegradable shampoo.

The most important features:

despite the neutral pH, it removes even stubborn dirt
long drying time and easy rinsing
not subject to CLP, no SLES and SLS in the composition
gentle for the skin, biodegradable
diluting 20-40ml in 10L of water
pH: 7.5

How to use Cleantle Daily Shampoo?

make a working solution of the appropriate concentration
wash the car with a wash mitt
at the end, rinse the car thoroughly with water under pressure
never wash in the sun or on hot surfaces, and do not allow the product to dry

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