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CLEANTLE / CleanTech Easy One Spray Wax


CleanTech Easy One Spray Wax

Easy One Spray Wax is a synthetic wax that is very quick and easy to apply. It brings out incredible depth from the paintwork and makes it very slippery. After applying the wax, all kinds of dirt will stick to the paint surface less, making subsequent car care much faster and easier. Easy One will also prevent hard water stains on the varnish and will give it additional hydrophobicity. The product is in liquid form, but still has all the properties of hard waxes. Very quick application of the product will save you time, because you only need to spray the element with the preparation and then work with a clean microfiber. The product evaporates very quickly, leaving no stains. It can also be used on wet varnish. The durability of EasyOne Spray Wax is about 1.5 months, depending on the road and weather conditions.

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