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AQUA Booster Sio2 Ceramic Top Coat


AQUA Ceramic Booster 100 ml brings your ceramic coating to a new level. AQUA Ceramic Booster increases shine and slickness while boosting an insane amount of hydrophobic properties and boosts existing hydrophobic properties from previously applied coatings.

How to use AQUA Booster?

The product should be applied on top of the ceramic coating after about 10-12 hours after applying the ceramic coating, e.g. AQUA ONE, AQUA 9h or AQUA PRO. The application is simple, using a spray bottle, apply a small amount of AQUA Booster on the surface or a microfiber cloth spread the product over the entire surface, use a second, dry microfiber cloth to thoroughly wipe off the product to avoid leaving the so-called “high spots”. After a few hours from the application, the car is ready for departure. The product is very efficient, for a medium-sized car we need 15-25 ml of the product.

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