Car Detailing Limerick

Paint correction Limerick

Stage 1

Swirls removal from 250 €

Stage 2

Removing swirls and shallow scratches from 300 €

Stage 3

Full correction: removing swirl, shallow and deep scratches from 350 €

Price depend on the size of the car

Ceramic Coating pricelist  :

(The prices of the following Ceramic Coatings are additons to the above packages paint correction)

  Aqua One (1 year coating)

From 150 €

 Aqua 9h (2 year coating)

From: 200 €   

Aqua PRO (3-4 year coating)

 Aqua PRO - is proffesional, premium coating.

Aqua Pro is only available for Certified Aqua Instalers.

From: 250 €

Aqua Graphene Coating (4 year coating)

The revolutionary ingredient, which is graphene, which is the strongest material in the world, ensures unprecedented durability of the protective coating.

From: 300 €

Wheel Ceramic Coating (12-24month coating)

Wheel faces without removing from the car: 100 €

Removing wheels from car and coating faces and barrels: 200 €

Glass Ceramic Coating (2 years coating)

From 100 €

Fabric Seat Ceramic Coating

Add on to Interior Detail: 100 €

Leather Seat Ceramic Coating

Add on to Interior Detail: 100 €

Car Valet

Exclusive for vehicles that have been detailed by Car Shine

From 50 €

Safe clean to the exterior

Light clean to the interior

Quick detailer top-up

Full Valet - Recommended

A deep clean to the exterior and interior of your vehicle with protection.

From 125 €

Deep clean to the exterior

Thorough interior steam clean

Paint, wheels and glass wax

Full Valet Plus

Our winter protection package with the addition of an engine bay clean and dressing.

From 175 €

Deep clean to the exterior

Deep clean including shampoo & extraction of all carpets, mats, upholstery.

Paint, wheels and glass wax

Engine bay steam clean and dressing

(interior ceramic coating options available)

Engine Bay Detail

· Under side of bonnet degreased and washed

· All plastics and top facing surfaces degreased washed and dried

· Plastics and rubber pipes dressed plastic and rubber protectant

75 €

Headlight Restoration Limerick 

· Headlights masked off so as not to damage surrounding areas

· 3 x grades of sanding to remove oxidation and get lights back to fresh clear plastic

· Multi stage machine polish to remove sanding marks and restore glass finish

· 12 month ceramic sealant applied to help prevent lights oxidising again

From 75 €

New car Ceramic coating

Price for new car prep is based on coating you choose

12 months protective coating - from 150 €

2 year ceramic coating - from 250 €

3 years ceramic coating - from 350 €

4 years ceramic coating - from 400 €

Optional Extrass

Wheel Ceramic Coating (Wheel faces without removing from the car: 100 Euro / Wheels removed from car and coating faces and barrels: 150 € )

Leather protectective coating applied - 100 €

Paint chip repair from 30 €

Colourlock Leather Deep Clean, seal and protect – 2 days

·     Leather seats inspected for wear and defects and any defects reported to customer with quotation to repair defects

·     Leather deep cleaned using Colourlock deep leather cleaner

·     Leather re-energised using Colourlock Leather Protector. This contains antioxidants which stop the leathers decay and its UV filters protect the surfaces from colour fading and will bring back the suppleness once more.

·     Leather left for 24 hours before applying Colourlock Leather Shield. This protects the surface of the leather against abrasion damage from sharp objects on clothing and protects against discolouration from clothing and will also significantly reduce wear on the drivers seat bolster


If no leather repair is necessary: 150 €

If leather requires recolouring or repair: Price on inspection only 

Brake Caliper Painting Limerick  

Get your brake calipers/brake drums professionally painted, we use only top quality heat paint on all vehicles. Our work is done to a very high standard and dealership standard.

You have to do is choose your preferred colour, book your car in and we’ll do the rest.

From 170 €

Car Scratch Removal Limerick  

If this is what your car looks like, come over to me. We'll fix it. 

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